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Hayley. 21 years old. I love to take photographs, sing, dance, read, draw, and a lot more. Taken by the most wonderful guy in the world since 1-24-12 :) Photography is my life, and that's probably what I'll post/reblog a lot. That, and probably a lot of Disney. I'm a HUGE romantic, I love everything romance. Have any questions? Go to my ask box :) Please donate! :) Diet 7 Up

I need new blogs to follow!


I’m in so many fandoms yet my blog is full of Supernatural. Please reblog (or like) if your blog has some of these;

• Doctor Who

• BBC Sherlock

• The Walking Dead

• Harry Potter

• Teen Wolf

• Buffy the Vampire slayer

• Orange is the New Black

• The L word

• Supernatural


• Misfits

• Skins

• Orphan Black

I’ll follow the blogs that catches my interest!


Once you get a taste of sleeping next to someone, sleeping alone in your own bed really sucks.

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